Anything you feel like writing about falls broadly in the categories provided. Here go a few guidelines to help you structure your work. That, however, should not limit your creativity. Feel free to break rules!

Your poetry should ideally be around 500 words sans expletives and slang.

Can be in the range of 2,000 - 3,000 words.

Could be newsy or fiction upto 2,000 words.

This is for editorial or OPED writers. Preferably for those with some journalistic or research background. Though if you feel you qualify, give it a worst, you'll get rejected and are probably even used to it. Word limit: 2,000.

This is for the story writer. The key here is to keep it short and within the 300 word limit. Even a comma beyond that will disqualify. Say a a lot less.

Here you could write an open letter to someone in the news on an issue that irks you badly enough. Try not to be too mean or abusive or else we'd have to slug it out in court. Not happening. Wordlength: 750 words

Here you could run down a movie or rave about another. Critique films, plays, events, issues or politician's claims. Link your published critique to your FB account. If you get 500 likes, we'll pay you. Promise.

Remember: Don't whack someone's work and palm if off as yours: We'll approach the original copyright holder and sue you. Try to develop / stick to an original style...and avoid bad-mouthing, abusing or sledging in print. We'll have to work on your copy longer...and won't really like that. If your work is good...we'll promote it on our campaigns as a downloadable PDF version.

Send in your works at and we will get back to you within a week.


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