DraftCraft hosts a range of events for 'The Write Change'. This include informal talks, niche discussions, photo exhibitions, film and documentary screenings, lectures and workshops. These events provide the perfect medium for DraftCraft's volunteers, students, supporters, activists, professionals and stake-holders to come together on a single platform and discuss issues and share ideas. These events aim to create awareness about pertinent issues, sensitise the public and authorities, identify and distribute success stories, find solutions to issues and connect everyone to the campaign.

DraftCraft Connect is a self-financed volunteer programme that furthers the cause of 'Being The Change' initiated by independent editor, legal counsel and film-maker Gajanan Khergamker and primarily funded by DraftCraft. This program aims to pool together the collective resources of professionals and entrepreneurs from across industries and disciplines.

To achieve the goal, various events such as talks/discussions for socially-inclined intellectuals, activists and professionals to come together and work out ‘real’ solutions for ignored and under-reported groups; heritage walks; food treks; education camps, empowerment sessions and women welfare camps besides many more are held regularly across DraftCraft's Studios.

To get more information on a particular event or an ongoing project, send an email to or call on 08080441593.


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